Stadtwerkstatt Medien

Press Release 3

“Encounters in Dieburg”: Media Art Exhibition at Museum Schloss Fechenbach, Dieburg on Saturday, February 3rd, and Sunday, February 4th, 2024, from 11:00h to 17:00h.

Join us in Darmstadt/Dieburg on the Vernissage event, opening the way for an exhibition “Encounters in Dieburg” showcase on February 3rd and 4th, 2024. The students from the master’s program International Media Cultural Work at the Media Campus of Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences (h_da) invite you to experience “StadtWerkstatt Medien – Encounters in Dieburg” and explore media art beyond the ordinary. The Vernissage will take place on Friday, 2 February, 2024, at 18:30h.

The exhibition “StadtWerkstatt Medien – Begegnungen in Dieburg” by students of the International Media Culture Work master’s program brings together five media artworks to create a form of “social sculpture”, which was created in collaboration with 60 Dieburg residents. These include photographs, video, website and sound installations that encourage visitors to actively participate. Together, the works examine and explore the influence of media art on social interactions, explore new ways of collaboration and promote social artistic participation and its relevance. The exhibit “Welcome to Germany – a question of privilege?!” presents a video collage of individuals facing deportation in a official environment. It showcases those who were hypothetically expelled from the country by the workshop participants from Dieburg as a component of a social media experience.

Continuing to the following exhibit, titled “Human! Prove you’re not a robot”. This exhibit offers a critical examination of the widely known CAPTCHA test. It entails selecting specific images on the web to demonstrate that you are a human and not an automated system. Meanwhile, during the media art workshop, users engaged with a tangible puzzle, exploring human authentication beyond digital realms. During the exhibition, you now have the opportunity to merge your own photos with ones of a criminal using artificial intelligence, thus confronting and challenging your own stereotypical prejudices.“Memoryscape – Hidden Stories of Dieburg” on the other hand guides visitors through the sounds of Dieburg and places all over the world in various stations..

The results of a conducted workshop called “How are you? Now, before and after” explores the dynamics between social expectations and emotional expressions, and shows the reactions of people who were asked about their appearance while standing in front of a mirror. The artwork “Excuse me,… Do you like cookies?” reflects the disclosure of data on the internet. The rejection or acceptance of cookies on a website symbolises the extent of the dissemination and manipulation of data in the age of AI. During the workshops, the h_da students received information from the participants, which were processed in the videos.

The media art pieces presented were created from the media art workshops that the students of the International Media Cultural Work master’s program held on the Dieburg market square in December 2023. The workshops invited participants to explore a deeper understanding of human expression and their own appearance, to take part in a social media experiment on the topic of immigration, a real-life CAPTCHA puzzle or an auditory journey through Dieburg’s vibrant soundscape. 

The exhibition Vernissage takes place at Museum Schloss Fechenbach in Dieburg on Friday, 2 February, 2024, at 18:30h, the same town where the h_da media campus is located. Visit the exhibition and experience unique interactive media art which is inspired by Joseph Beuys’ concept of “social sculpture”, from February 03-04, 2024, 11:00h to 17:00h, at which the exhibiting students and representatives of the university will be on site to provide answers to questions about the media sculpture.

For further information, please contact:
PR Team/IMC Students: Sara Bouslama M.A., Klaus Schüller M.A.
Sofia Shengeliia, Juliet Akoth, Klara Luckert, Queen Tanimu Aduda 

Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences (h_da)

Students of the master’s degree program International Media Cultural Work (IMC) and 
Students and graduates from the Dieburg media campus.

The Vernissage is scheduled for Friday, 02. February at 18:30h.
The Exhibition is scheduled for February 03 – 04. 2024 11:00h to 17:00h.

Museum Schloss Fechenbach, Eulengasse 8, 64807 Dieburg.