Stadtwerkstatt Medien


Do you like cookies? Featuring diverse stations, “Excuse me,.. Do you like cookies?” invites the people of Dieburg to engage in a dynamic rally on the Marktplatz. The workshop offers freedom within its stations while creating room for encounters with participants. Through their experience, participants are encouraged to engage in conversation on a deeper understanding […]

Willkommen in Deutschland

A matter of privileges?!  How does it feel to have an expiration date? What if the person’s life circumstances would depend on the decision of a social media user? In a choice-driven game, Dieburgers are invited to encounter the similarities of the immigration issue and everyday social media routines.

Wie geht’s?

Now, before and after Ordinary encounters leave impressions on us that are never subject to chance. Whether we perceive an encounter as a success or a failure is determined by social norms and our emotions and feelings. “How are you?” sheds light on the interaction between social expectations and the expression of emotions, inviting you […]


Hidden Stories of Dieburg Experience the flair of Dieburg through this unique soundscape! This special journey takes you through personal memories with recorded soundscapes. Modern audio production software breathes life into the story in real-time. Immerse yourself in a multisensory experience, where reality and imagination seamlessly merge. Look forward to a captivating audio adventure!


Prove you’re not a robot  Daily, we’re being interrupted in our online activities, asking us to prove we’re not robots. The project “Human!” introduces Dieburgers to a hands-on real-life CAPTCHA, where users navigate a tangible puzzle to authenticate their humanity. This interactive approach not only transforms cyber security into a memorable activity but also questions […]